Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Colors On Sandia Crest

Yesterday I decided that the Fall colors up on the mountain were starting to fade and if I did not get up there I was going to miss it. That would not do at all. It has been pretty chilly in the mornings already so I made a mid morning departure so I would arrive mid day a great time for a Fall hike. I took my dog Sadie with me as she always enjoys going hiking with me. I did wear the poor thing out though. She slept the rest of the day.
Beautiful colors from green to deep orange.
The oaks were turning and you can see the aspen in the distance with their gold color
The trail at the top was aglow with colors

The Aspens were beautiful

Some aspen were barely turning
Some Aspen where at the height of color
The gold aspen were so pretty against the evergreens

This group is almost done, but so beautiful still
The forest floor was littered with the golden aspen leaves

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  1. wow...the sky is soooo blue..love the colors...Autumn is my favorite season!