Wednesday, May 31, 2017

All Roads Lead To Oregon

I can't beleive we have been in Oregon for over a month now living in our RV. There sure are adjustments to be made living is such a small space with three large dogs but we are doing it. We took 4 days to drive all the way up here and stopped at Arches National Monument enroute. Below is Double Arch. It is gigantic. There are some people in the photo but they are dots.

Arches has amazing sandstone formations in every direction. I really love this twisted dead juniper.

One of the first sights we saw here in Central Oregon is Lava Butte. You wind around the lava cone twice and get an amazing 360 degree view. The day we went there was not a cloud in the sky and we saw the Cascade range in all itsGlory. The grey stuff on the right side is a huge lava flow.

Mount Bachelor on the left and the Sisters on the right.

Mother's Day we took a little drive after an amazing breakfast. This is the Deschutes River. I hope to do a float trip later this summer. Right now it is still a bit chilly.

The Lava Cast Forest is pretty unique. As the lava flowed 7000 years ago it was cool enough that it did not incinerate the trees but flowed around them. All that remains today is holes where the trees used to stand.

Fort Rock to the Southeast of where we are is one of the little visited places. This was made 10,000 years ago when lava shot straight up in a large glacial lake. It formed a ring 500 feet high. Today it is missing one side and is only 300 something feet high. It is a very interesting place to walk around. You can see all sorts different shapes and movement of flow in the lava. The lake is long gone and this can bee seen for miles out in the flat desert which was the lake bottom.

After the desert we too a detour on the way home to Newberry Crater and had lunch by East Paulina Lake. There was still plenty of snow and I bet the water was freezing.

The top of the mountain and heading home. We will be back to this crater for sure. There is so much to do up there, mountain biking, hiking and boating.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hiking on Tree Spring Trail

 I had a great day hiking with my neighbor on Tree Spring Trail on Sandia Crest. The weather was perfect and the wildflowers were really out strutting their stuff.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year

 Another year starts! That is always an exciting thing to imagine the new adventures and accomplishments in the year to come. This Holiday season we went to Southern California in our new to us 36 foot Raptor Toyhauler. How fun to have all that space when we set it up in the campgrounds. We are so used to the little 22 foot Terry with no sliders that we felt like it was very spacious and the four of us were not crowed at all. Leaving California we had winter storms chasing us across Southern Arizona and New Mexico. We spent one night at Organ Pipe National Monument. This is a beautiful park in Southern Arizona. We will defiantly visit again when we have more time.

 Next stop on the way home was Kartchner Caverns near Benson Arizona. We got a dusting of snow overnight the first of the two nights there. I took a hike with my daughters around the hills where the cavern is. It gave us a nice perspective after the cavern tour.
 Our last stop was Cabello State Park in New Mexico. You can see from the photo that the snow storms finally caught us. This is a beautiful park and is know for the birding. We did not have time to do much other and stop for the night. In the morning when the snow melted a bit we hightailed it north to Albuquerque and then to the East Mountains home.

This was a quick trip to visit relatives and did not offer opportunity to do much in the way of hiking. We did squeeze in some nice walks and short hikes. It was great in that there were some nice places we know we need to go back to and spend more time.

Now that the new year is here it is time to work on my bucket list for 2015. I gave up resolutions some years back and went to goals. This year I am doing a "bucket list" for the first time. I have a few ideas already but will spend a little time thinking and beginning to plan some great adventures. With the new toyhauler we will really have a great home base when we go off to have some fun times.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Colors On Sandia Crest

Yesterday I decided that the Fall colors up on the mountain were starting to fade and if I did not get up there I was going to miss it. That would not do at all. It has been pretty chilly in the mornings already so I made a mid morning departure so I would arrive mid day a great time for a Fall hike. I took my dog Sadie with me as she always enjoys going hiking with me. I did wear the poor thing out though. She slept the rest of the day.
Beautiful colors from green to deep orange.
The oaks were turning and you can see the aspen in the distance with their gold color
The trail at the top was aglow with colors

The Aspens were beautiful

Some aspen were barely turning
Some Aspen where at the height of color
The gold aspen were so pretty against the evergreens

This group is almost done, but so beautiful still
The forest floor was littered with the golden aspen leaves

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend in Colorado

Mainstreet Ouray Colorado
We spent Labor Day Weekend in Ouray Colorado. It is just a spectacular place to visit with so much outdoor stuff to do. We did not do any hiking but instead spent time with our daughters. On Sunday we rented a 4 wheeler and went over 4 passes and back. First Corkscrew Pass, Hurricane Pass, California Pass and down to Silverton for lunch and then back. It was an awesome day with stops at abandoned mines to read the signs. We also stopped at Animas Forks which was once a very hopping mining town. I will have to say that the people that mined up in the high country of Colorado must have been a very hearty stock.

Placer Colorado

Red Mountain Colorado
Now back home it is back to the stair stepper. I am hoping to get some Fall hiking in on Sandia Crest.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Checking out the Pecos

 We took a wonderful day trip on Sunday. It started with me being woken by my Dear Husband (DH) saying we should take the bike out for breakfast and a ride up to the Pecos. Hummm..........sure sounds better than any plans I had. So I got out of bed and put on my riding clothes and we headed out the scenic way up the Turquoise Trial to the San Marcos Cafe. They have wonderful New Mexican food. Not much of that is Paleo but my eggs and ham with some fruit was very good. DH not being paleo had a blue corn enchilada which he said was quite tasty. We headed out after breakfast and hit I-25 at Santa Fe and took off East. We got off at the exit for the Pecos National Historical Park. We have lived here since 2001 and have driven by many times going other places and have never stopped. The park is just south of the small town of Pecos.
 The trail thru the ruins was beautiful. The scenery was awesome with beautiful mountains and mesas all around.
 The restored Kiva was very cool. How could one resist going down the ladder to see what it looks like inside.
 I was amazed at how much room there was inside the Kiva. It was also nice and cool inside. Kivas are special places to Puebloan peoples. They are the ceremonial and social spaces located between the underworld, where the people had their origin, and the world above, where they live now.
 This sign shows what the pueblo looked like in its heyday. It was four to five stories high and had about 2000 residents. This site was occupied for over 10,000 years and saw many changes. The photo was an artist rendition from about 1625 when this was a trading center for the Pains Indians coming from the plains to the East, the Pueblo Indians coming from the West and the Spanish.
 Next we headed up the road to the North. If you are a Longmire fan then we think that there were some scenes from the series filmed along this road. At Cowles is the trail head for many trails giving access to the Pecos Wilderness. We are panning a future trip backpacking up in that area and may go up this very trail...............very tempting.
 The Pecos headwaters are just upriver from Cowles and this is a great fishing spot.
 The flowers were out everywhere in a profusion of colors. With all the rain we have had this year it is very green and lush.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Tree Spring Trail, Mid Julty

It has been quite some time since I have posted on this blog. I have gone quilting as they say. I have a quilting blog and have been doing a lot of quilting lately and not spending any time outdoors, other than the walk around the neighborhood which is not the same as the trail. Today I decided that I should do a hike to clear my head. They had closed the forests a few weeks ago but we have been blessed with quite a lot of rain and they are not open again. I took my friend Sadie the hound dog and we headed up to Sandia Crest for one of my favorite hikes, Tree Spring Trail. It is not a long hike but a very pretty one, at the top of the Crest you get a view of Albuquerque. I think this hairpin turn is one of the most scenic parts of the trail.............well it was all scenic but I love this part.

It was very green and all the flowers were out. I took lots of photos today unlike my usual just hike and take one or two.
I love sunflowers. Every year they start blooming in July and can last into September. This one was close to the top of the crest.

This photo is close to the top of the Crest. I love these oaks, they always signal that I am almost at the top of the mountain.

Finally at the top with Sadie. She had a great time. I think there was a little disappointment about not being off leash and chasing some of the birds, squirrels and that chipmunk on the rock on the way down. And...............yes I am getting better at taking selfies. I did climb over 100 flights of stairs on this hike which is not bad. Unfortunately my Fitbit does not register stairs on the stairclimber so this was fun to see.