Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Day On The Slopes

When you live in the desert sometimes moisture is few and far between. We are in what is a ten year drought. Well it sure poured last nigh! The benifit of that is that at elevation it came down as snow. Today we hit the slopes for a day of skiing. It was not the greatest because it was rather cold and foggy and on the top of the mountain downright cold. But as I always say; A bad day of skiing is better than a good day at work! we go up into the fog. 

At the top it was kinda like skiing by braile as I was really having a hard time seeing much. DH suggested I ski close to the trees so that I did not get lost............that did help. Glad I have been hitting the stair stepper five mornings a week at five am as my legs did not bother me the least.

Then wouldn't you know it as we were driving back down the mountain the clouds broke and the sun came back out.

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