Monday, July 14, 2014

Tree Spring Trail, Mid Julty

It has been quite some time since I have posted on this blog. I have gone quilting as they say. I have a quilting blog and have been doing a lot of quilting lately and not spending any time outdoors, other than the walk around the neighborhood which is not the same as the trail. Today I decided that I should do a hike to clear my head. They had closed the forests a few weeks ago but we have been blessed with quite a lot of rain and they are not open again. I took my friend Sadie the hound dog and we headed up to Sandia Crest for one of my favorite hikes, Tree Spring Trail. It is not a long hike but a very pretty one, at the top of the Crest you get a view of Albuquerque. I think this hairpin turn is one of the most scenic parts of the trail.............well it was all scenic but I love this part.

It was very green and all the flowers were out. I took lots of photos today unlike my usual just hike and take one or two.
I love sunflowers. Every year they start blooming in July and can last into September. This one was close to the top of the crest.

This photo is close to the top of the Crest. I love these oaks, they always signal that I am almost at the top of the mountain.

Finally at the top with Sadie. She had a great time. I think there was a little disappointment about not being off leash and chasing some of the birds, squirrels and that chipmunk on the rock on the way down. And...............yes I am getting better at taking selfies. I did climb over 100 flights of stairs on this hike which is not bad. Unfortunately my Fitbit does not register stairs on the stairclimber so this was fun to see.

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