Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Walnut Canyon

The Grand Canyon hike was awesome and when I came out of the canyon I said that I did not need to do it again. Now here a week later and well rested again........I took off quite a few days from my morning exercise routine I think I defietly will do it again.

We live in New Mexico and on the way home visited Walnut Canyon. The park opens at 9am and we actually had to wait for them to open as we arrived around 8:30. The park is about 17 miles East of Flagstaff Arizona on I-40. If you ever travel along this area and have never visited this park it would be a good two hour detour off your travels.

This is a place where people lived about 1000 AD for a period of about 100 years in cliff houses in a horseshoe shaped canyon. I always wonder when I visit places like this what their daily life really was like. There are many theories but who can say how things really were. Their diet was the plants and animals they found around the area and those they grew; corn, beans, and squash.

The stairs down and up to from the level of the visitor center to the dwellings was a good early morning workout.
Walnut Canyon

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Cliff houses of Walnut Canyon

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