Monday, May 26, 2014

Grand Cayon Rim 2 Rim Back To The South Rim

Getting up at 2am is not really something that I like to do, much less do very often. However if you are hiking 26 miles and the heat of the day is a concern it is actually the best way to go. We were out of the lodge at 2:30 am with headlights. The temperature was great. It was pretty cool but not cold. It was about a mile and a half to the trail head along the Bridal Trail. We reached the North Kaibab trail head around 3 am and started down. We had decided not to carry too much water on this part of the hike. It did not take too long to reach the Saupi Tunnel. This part of the hike had seemed so hard coming up in the afternoon two days earlier. We decided to keep going. This section of the trail has a lot of steep down hill switchbacks. Going down is hard work but not as hard as going up. We reached the first bridge at around 4 am and stopped for a few minutes. Husband had to text both daughters so that took a few minutes. Sitting in the dark was nice. It the sounds are different at night and sometimes it is nice to just listen. We both turned off our headlamps and looked at the night sky.

After the bridge there is a short up hill section followed by some of the steepest downhill on the entire trek. We reached the end of the side canyon just as daylight was coming. The trail was directly across from Roaring Springs.

4:30 am Daybreak, Looking Back To the North Rim
What a treat to be one of the only people on the trail at daybreak. Looking back up to where we had come down in the dark. 
Roaring Springs Turnoff
 The Water from Roaring Springs is piped to both the North and South Rims as the only water source for the canyon rims. One day I should go down the trial and get closer to the waterfall.
The Box, North Kaibab Trail
 The box is not a place you want to be when it is the heat of the day. This is one of the reasons that starting out at 2:30 am. It is really the best way to hike across in one day. The box is very scenic. There are some of the oldest rocks on earth exposed on the walls of this inner canyon.
The Box, North Kaibab Trail

Crossing the Colorado River
 The water looks very cool and inviting and it is already 9 am and it is beginning to get pretty warm.

Switchbacks Going Up The Bright Angel Trail

Switchbacks Going Up Bright Angel Trail In Center Of Photo

Bright Angel Trail

Finally The Colb Studio And The End Of The Bright Angel Trail

 After 13 hours of hiking this is the final switchback, the Colb Studio. Yes that is my finger in the photo, guess I was pretty darned tired at this point. Cross off the bucket list for 2014, Grand Canyon Hike Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim. I really feel a sense of accomplishment!

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