Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hanging Our On The North Rim For a Day Of Rest

After my day across the Grand Canyon I was a wee bit stiff and sore. There is nothing like a day off to recoup before hiking back across. It was very nice to have the car so we could go see some of the sights along the rim that were further away. We headed off to Cape Royal. The view was pretty awesome. You could see the watchtower on the South Rim if you knew just where to look. The river could be seen here in several places as well.
Cape Royal Grand Canyon North Rim
Next we headed off to Cape Final. I knew it was a ways out to the rim form the parking area but did not realize it was 2 miles each way. The hike was thru majestic Ponderosa pines and was a gentle up and downhill. The hike out to the end was worth it. Drats I had forgotten my camera in the car so could not get to snap any photos.

Next viewpoint was off to Point Imperial. I think this one is my favorite. The colors here were a rich copper red. This is a point with great views to the South, East and North.

Point Imperial Grand Canyon North Rim Looking South

Point Imperial Grand Canyon North Rim Looking North.
 After our ride along the rim it was time to think about the trip back across. We had dinner reservations at the lodge for 8:30 which we cancelled because it was just too late and we needed to get up at 2am to head out. Instead daughter got pizza at the pub and hubby and I just ate some jerkey and a power bar. I was really tired and did not really care. My focus was on getting my pack organized. All the Chomps and Lara bars were stuffed into my hip pockets. I took out all the warm clothes as the forecast was for 76" and no precipitation on the South Rim. I ended up with my water bladder, food, sunscreen and a first aide kit. With that it was lights out and some shut eye. Who can sleep when you know you need to get up at 2am and hike 26 miles back across the canyon........not me! I did sleep a little but hubby kept coughing thru the night. I had told him we could cancel but he would have no part of that.

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